The New Janus 5.5 Upgrade Features List

by Astrology House

Hank's note: Janus 5.5 has just been released.

You can purchase Janus 5.5 at the lowest price with an added rebate here.

Here are the company's release notes:

Janus 5.5 is the most up-to-date version of Janus 5 and is a free update to registered Janus 5.0, Janus 5.1 & Janus 5.3 users

For Janus 5.0, Janus 5.1 & Janus 5.3 users upgrading, some of the settings have been changed in Janus 5.5

Before updating, we recommend that you take a note of any important custom settings and presets you may have created in your version of Janus so that you can replicate them in Janus 5.5. You will also need to re-set your local place, date format etc in General in the Settings menu.

We trust you will enjoy using and exploring Janus 5.5

What is new in Janus 5.5?

New features

  • Generate a list of Jupiter - Saturn Mean Conjunctions and cast a chart from the list of dates.
  • Cast Diurnal Chart.
  • Import charts from Janus Light.
  • Traditional Astrology Mandala wheel pdf added to the Wheels menu.


  • Can now get a new inner chart while in animation mode in Bi, Tri and Quad wheel modules.
  • Aspect lines in animation Bi, Tri and Quad wheels now uses Transit to Natal aspect orbs for inter-chart aspects.
  • Improved calendar layout.
  • Can now print 12 months of monthly calendar pages and 12 years of yearly calendar pages.
  • Charts with the same name are now sorted into date order on the main screen, and in the Get Chart screen File tab.
  • Improved Find Name plus Find Next function in Get Chart screen.
  • Improved handling of ACG aspect lines in Astro Locality Map.
  • Improved labelling of paran lines on ACG map.
  • Harmonic aspect search in the Search module now divides the requested orb by the harmonic number.
  • Harmonic aspect search in the Search module now includes conjunctions.
  • Improved differentiation between thin, medium, and thick aspect lines.
  • Improved algorithms for finding bowl and bucket chart shapes in Single Wheel module and in the Search module.
  • Improved display of planets in wheels that are within 1 second of arc to a house cusp.
  • Can now export data to multiple instances of Excel.
  • Two new wheel designs with large midpoint trees added to Uranian Chart module.
You can purchase Janus 5.5 at the lowest price with an added rebate here.

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