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by Hank Friedman

Updated Wednesday, March 24, 2021

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Monday, May 17, 2021


Janus 5.5 astrology software has just been released, and is free to owners of Janus 5.

The release of Janus 5.0 was a major breakthrough, and the result of many years of extensive work. With version 5, Janus became the foremost professional astrology program priced under $300.

It is a major revision of Janus, with both new modules and major enhancements of existing functions.

Note: The latest versions of Janus are very simple to install and are fully compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows 7 on.

I am regularly adding to the information on all of its capabilities.

Janus 5.5 has just been issued
Here are the release notes

My The Mountain Astrologer review of Janus 5.3

The Great New Features of Janus 5.2

New Changes and Enhancements in Janus 5.1

My new video introduction to Janus 5.1

How to set the Ayanamsha in Janus
and how to create a custom one

The new features and fixes in Janus 5.1

Samples of all of the Janus Reports

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The actual brightness of the planets

Looking at Eclipses from Both Sides
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The Second House: Ownership and Self Esteem

The Transit Oasis -- When Less is More

Predictive Graphs and Time Maps
in Astrology Software

Stunning Space Photographs

My new ongoing column:
Insights in Western and Vedic astrology

A Journey into Vedic Astrology
my new tutorial

New Vedic articles on prediction

The Optimal Use of Astrology Software

The Quick Guide
to Finding the Best Astrology Program


Reviews and Screenshots

You can read both Part One and Part Two of my The Mountain Astrologer reviews of Janus 5 here.

You can see some images of Janus 5's new modules and screens here.


When you order Janus through me, you get:

The best pricing and the latest version of Janus 5

Upcoming video and written tutorials and reviews
about all of Janus 5's great features

Once the company processes the order,
I send you a copy of your activation code .
(To ensure that you get it.)

Astrology House's full tech support
& mine

Note: I am a certified distributor of Janus 5


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