Janus 5.3

Astrology House has just released their latest update to Janus 5. They are calling it Janus 5.3, but it is the same as the 5.2 version that I've reviewed below.

You can purchase Janus 5.3 at the best price (plus a link to my tutorial video) here.

My The Mountain Astrologer review of Janus 5.2

by Hank Friedman

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In the year and half since I reviewed Janus 5.0 in the Dec 2017/Jan 2018 and Feb/Mar 2018 issues of The Mountain Astrologer, its authors have released two major updates that are free to Janus 5.0 owners. Janus has become the most frequently updated professional astrology program, advancing in leaps and bounds. Janus runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10 (but not on a Mac using Windows) and is both simple to install and very solid.

My favorite new feature is the Fixed Star module. It can display wheels with the Fixed Stars that are conjunct chart points, animate the Fixed Star wheel (to see the changing Fixed Star connections), and best of all, see listings of Aspects to Fixed Stars, and Parans to Fixed Stars, complete with short but excellent interpretations. Bravo!

Traditional astrologers will relish the powerful Distributions/Circumambulations window, with an exceptional number options, including the ability to distribute custom points like Arabic Parts. They will also appreciate the Arabic Lunar Mansions chart and the animated biwheel for Age Harmonics, Primary Directions, and Profections.

Researchers will enjoy the tremendous enhancement of the chart search tool. Both AND and OR searches can be executed, using Traditional terms (like Sect, Face Rulers, VOC Moon, and placement in via combusta, and Eastern or Western Lunar Mansion,) as well as modern ones such as points by Sign, Element, Mode, House, Quadrant, Rulership, Out-of-Bounds, and Aspect or Midpoint (between two points).

You can also search for Chart Shapes, Aspect Patterns, Chart Types (e.g. Returns, Age Harmonic, Arc Transform, Composite, Decumbiture, Directed, etc.) and for a person's name, year or month or day or hour of birth, words in notes, the day of the week, etc. And you can preview each chart that passes the search. But what puts this way over the top is the range of points that you can search for: Planets, Angles, Plutoids, Asteroids, Uranians, Fixed Stars, Arabic Parts, Midpoints and Sums, House Cusps, and more. Wow!

Janus' Timeline (predictive graph) has also received a major upgrade. Now it is easy to see exactly what events are occurring, and their duration.

One of Janus' extraordinary merits has been its rich and detailed interpretive reports. It's the only program with full natal, transit, synastry, and relocation reports built in. And the natal reports include well-written midpoint interpretations, and the relocation reports delineate the relocated Ascendant and MC, Stars on Angles, Midpoints of Planet Directions, Destiny Crossing, and so much more than any other relocation report. In the update, these reports have been improved considerably.

Those who use Astrodynes are in for a special treat. The Janus Astrodyne module report is incredibly comprehensive, and includes weightings of aspects, the power and harmony of planets, signs, and houses; evaluation of modes, elements, East/West, Above/Below, Trinities, and more.

Janus has the distinction of being the only Western astrology program that allows you to make changes to Vedic North and South Indian chart formats (font size, house numbering, colors, etc.) and it is the first one to be able to draw Vedic aspects lines in charts.

Among the many new features are a Gauquelin sector chart, Wynn-Key Returns, a Munkasey Midpoint Weighting Analysis module, and a Custom Arabic Parts Editor and Viewer (with over 500 parts already available).

One frequently requested function that Janus now has is the ability to export entire chart files to excel, choosing what birth data and planets to export. (Janus can also export predictive hit lists.)

Janus has always been a truly great value, and with all of the recent advances and its very many unique capabilities, Janus is clearly a program worthy of every astrologers' attention.

Note: You can also see the feature list of Janus 5.3 here.

and here are the newest enhancements:

The Primary Directions function in the Bi-wheel now supports both Regiomontanus and Placidus Semi Arc calculation method options.

The Profection function in the Bi-wheel now supports Hellenistic and Continuous profecting options, plus 30 days per month or 30.4 days per month options for Hellenistic calculations.

The Profection function in the Traditional module has also been updated to offer the same options as above.

A Cyril Fagan Novien chart option has been added to the Cast a Harmonic chart module.

A range of new chartwheels for Single, Bi, Tri, Quad and Lunar mansions wheels have been added.

The Lunar Mansions module has improved interpretation report presentation and options (which include interpretation of Moon in it's mansion, each planet in it's mansion and all mansions).

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